Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Marry, Tabitha,
Vuyana, Rosemary,
Dorothy, Lorraine,
Diana, Serena,
Liz, Laura,

Pittas, tomatoes, hummus, coleslaw,
soup, grapes, apples,

waiting for deportation, different experiences
what food is good for you
apples good for reducing stress? strawberries have no benefit?

Mary starts a new skirt, Vuyana, Rosemary, Tabitha make a cushion

Lorraine and Tabitha make shoulder bags

Diana started a t-shirt embroidery and Laura started a Women of The World embroidery
Serena took photos

Liz painted some flowers of the world

Dorothy and Liz looked up Jamaican flower Lignum vitae,
Flame lily of Zimbabwe, welwitschia of Namibia, Kantuta of Bolivia

a lot of tea
feelings of happiness from making such great things

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