Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Democratic Motherism by Alice Walker

that what Earth needs more than anything
is mothering. Earth, Mother Earth, needs
mothers, regardless of gender - though we all
recognise who most mothers have been, and
are. Mothering is an instinct, yes, but it is also
a practice. It can be learned. For women it
has been an eons-long experience: the art and
necessity of taking care of all, of everything,
of mothering. So perhaps the new 'ism' we
are  talking about is not classic Womanism,
but Motherism. Democratic Motherism.
In any case, we will continue to endure,
and detest, the systems currently in place, in
which the conditions of countless starving,
tortured, enslaved and murdered children
is seen as acceptable, unless we forthrightly
begin to envision, and work for, something
better: some way for humans to exist and
thrive, without suffering the despair of every
second of every day knowing our present
predicament's greatest cause is humanity's
fear of sharing equally with others, and its
rapidly growing, partly because of this fear,

Ali Walker
Excerpt from Democratic Motherism


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The New Press 2015

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