Wednesday, November 18, 2015

105 Women - Self Organisation

talked about the space and how we would like to continue
what do we need and how do we do it together?
It has Been surprising

Friendships, philosophical discussions, debates, sharing stories and experiences
All from different countries

People seem at home , relaxed, its calm space, can talk or not

to continue we need
More machines,
More space,
Set up our own group – our own school

How to set up an organisation to be able to continue?
Skills school

Cloth Materials – recycled

Art materials

Running water

Accessible by bus

Visits to tailors / makers / writers / poets


Make a portfolio available in the space

Visitors can come and meet us / share our skills

Each gave say 2 hours a week to be there so its open?

Learning English by being in the space, making together, socialising and making things with words

Performance at International Womens Day wrapped in a banner of words

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