Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Making is a way of connecting and communicating


tomatoes, soup, coleslaw, pittas, hummus, cheese, apples, chocolate

we talked about language, how difficult English is to learn as it has so many possibilities and ways of saying the same thing, and then accents can make this harder. Maybe it depends on what accent we are used to hearing as to what we can hear.
seem said in Eritrea there are maybe 70 different languages in one country so English and Tigrinya and Standard Arabic are shared common languages.
In Nigeria there are 512 languages spoken and English is spoken as a common language of communication.
We talked about how important body language is in understanding someone and maybe how our ways of using language reflect our different cultures and personalities too.
mary, who relishes language and speaks so poetically talked about her backgrounds combination of Nigerian and Liberian as shaping this but also does it really matter how something is pronounced or how we perceive something as 'better spoken' - romantic french etc. Do we just make these things up?

Mary described Laura as unicorn and so we started to write for each other
And then a story emerged based in the space and its contents
the magical maker, a fairy elfin; the book; the unicorn; merlin; the riddle runner; the mystical lost girl

cushions, skirt and top, shirt, scarf

writing a personal statement for Mary

In Yarls Wood when the women protested they would sing
"we are not animals we are human"
There women would be accused of having drugs in the centre, having to eat with plastic cutlery, having no privacy,

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