Thursday, July 7, 2016

105 Women at Chapeltown Arts Festival

105 Women return to Union 105 for an open Making Day making bags and dresses as part of Chapeltown Arts Festival
So great to be back again
Please can we stay?

Laura, Liz, Elaine, Lotte, Marry, Awa,
Margaret, Carla, Sandra, Dita, Surinder, Ben,

Fast paced bag and dress designing and making for Chapeltown Festival stall on Saturday in Norma Hutchison Park
Frustration with a machine and one bag took 2 hours but produced a new idea -
A letter to a school sewing teacher on a bag who was the most uninspiring and discouraging person I have ever met (Liz)
Beautiful items made

Pitta, coleslaw, hummus, tomatoes, blueberries, tabouleh, apples, cheese, tea, coffee